Phil Norton, web developer

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Phil is a developer at Code Enigma who works with many different clients. He’s had experience working with different platforms but is a Drupal specialist.

Three interesting things about Phil

  1. I have a degree in Microbiology and another in Computer Science. Both from the University of Aberystwyth.
  2. I am an avid gamer. In fact, I’m…

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The government is becoming increasingly pressured to embrace and adopt digital transformation to meet the expected quality of service the public now expects. …

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The UK government has been moving toward digital transformation for about 8 years. Back in 2012, the first strategy was announced, detailing a plan to become ‘digital by default’. This meant the government planned a redesign of all its digital services, making them incredibly straightforward for everyone to use.


Martin Anderson-Clutz, Senior Consultant, Solutions Architect at Digital Echidna


Firstly, tell us a little bit about yourself and how you became involved in the world of Drupal?

A long time ago I was working at an agency where we had an opportunity to build a site for a company that did automotive casting. They needed a site that could manage content in five languages (including Chinese and Japanese) as well as manage revisions. Up until then, I…

An illustrated diagram showing the various types of people that need accessibility, such as  hearing and visual disabilities.

23 September was two weeks ago. Did you meet the deadline?

On 23 September it became a legal requirement for all public sector websites that were created before September 23, 2018, to comply with new accessibility rules. Those websites going live after this date are expected to be compliant from the get-go.

What is compliance?

All public sector sites need to have an accessibility…

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If you’re totally new to web accessibility (which you shouldn’t be, we’ve been talking about it for years!), an audit is a fantastic first step in seeing where the land lies as it is, today.

An audit features both manual and automated testing, completed by experts. They will use technology…

Current data and privacy issues find search marketers in an entanglement. Here’s where it’s at and where it’s going.

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January of this year feels like a long time ago, but it was an influential moment in time. Google Chrome became the leading browser to promise us a cookie-free future.

We’re going to look at where things stand today. We’re also going to assess where digital marketers find themselves in…

Front-end developer and accessibility expert at Microserve, An Investis Digital Company.

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Tell us about yourself and your work

I’ve been a front-end developer working with Drupal and Django CMS systems in digital agencies within the UK. My accessibility journey started 8 years ago as a graduate developer where I was lucky enough to be mentored by people who really cared about inclusive design.

What qualifications do you have that have influenced your work?

I recently pushed myself into…

The evil side of tracking.

We’re not being smug. There’s nothing to be smug about when it comes to predicting how personal it was going to get for the general public when it comes to data privacy. But, our director Greg did make an accurate prediction back in 2003 about the Big Brother culture.

What’s happening in 2020?


Phil Norton, our new Developer, talks about his first week with Code Enigma

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I’ve known Code Enigma for a number of years. I remember meeting some of the original team at Drupal 7 Camp Leeds back in 2011; which was coincidentally the event of my very first conference talk. To me, they have always been an ethical bunch of highly-skilled people whom I…

Maygen Jacques

Marketing Manager for web design, development and hosting agency, @CodeEnigma. Hold my drink, I’ll be right back…

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